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How to Have the Right People Doing the Right Things, Right!
Dear Manager/Business Owner,
Are you spending too much time and energy on staff issues?  Are you tired of juggling your job and theirs?  Are some of your employees giving you a headache?
Are you wondering if it's you or them?  You are giving them every consideration and end up feeling that it's all one way.  Despite everything you do to help you STILL have to hand hold or deal with unacceptable behaviour.
Do you feel that having fantastic, highly productive staff comes down to luck during recruitment, and that there is no way to change the employees you've got?
I can help
I promise that I can help you solve these problems once and for all.  But before I do, let me tell you a bit about myself.  I have had years of experience working with managers of people, helping them to build productive work cultures where people get on with doing the right things right!  I have worked on almost every conceivable staff issue, both one-to-one and from a process and systems perspective.  There's nothing much in the workplace I haven't seen before or helped fix!
So let me ask you, would you like to get on with your job while your staff get on with theirs?  Do you want to be confident that your staff are making good decisions for your business or team?  How would you feel about coming to work if you knew your day would be enjoyable and productive?
That is what I help happen for my clients through a range of improvments including:
  • Recruitment and Selection help
  • Learning and Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Performance Management and Appraisal
  • Productive workplace culture
  • Appropriate Organisational Structure
  • Job/Role Descriptions
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7 easy ways to improve staff productivity
and commitment - today!!
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What our clients say:
 Sarah Stockdale
Chief Executive
Workplace Support
ITIM, North Island
Jenni has assisted
a number of our clients with employer issues. 
 She has lead, on our behalf, projects like
restructuring of an organisation, advising on
job descriptions and performance appraisals,
 and dealing with difficult people.
Jenni shares our values in creating positive
and productive workplaces.  Jenni has the
ability to quickly understand the issues of an
 organisation and take practical steps to solve
 problems.   She has extensive experience in
 handling people issues and is both professional
 and approachable for managers and staff.
Workplace Support continues to use Strategies
 Direct to support our clients for management
 and employer assistance.
There's a variety of ways I can help.  Firstly, check out our products page for well-priced e-guides that may be enough to get you back on track. 
I'm also available to consult, advise, do some of the work or coach and/or train you and your team.  We can work out the best approach together. Get hold of me now!
So how much is this going to cost you?
Probably not as much as you think!  How much of your time is wasted each month or each week on staff issues?  Multiply that by your hourly rate and it soons builds up month by month.  What cost to your business, health and life generally, is the continued stress of trying to handle it on your own?
The good news is that the costs you are currently paying, even indirectly, are likely to be much much less that you are going to pay me to help you fix them!   
And to make sure that you stay in control, it works like this:
  • Your initial contact and conversation with me is no-charge, and once we've talked, if appropriate I prepare you a quote for the first step - you decide whether or not to go ahead after the quote
  • After the first step you receive full information from me and recommendations if appropriate.  If there's another step, again, you get a full quote, then decide.
Furthermore, I absolutely guarantee my products and services.  If you are not happy that I have delivered value for money, there's no charge or a full refund if you have already paid.
So there's absolutely no risk to you - the risk is all mine!  And so it should be. 
I really look forward to helping you to have a business or team where the right people are doing the right things, right!!
PS How many stressful hours did you spend this month worrying about people issues?
 You can now breathe a sigh of relief.  Those days are gone forever.  You can't buy back the time and energy you've spent but you can discover how to avoid days like that in future. Make sure you get in touch with me today.
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