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How to be Seen as Strategic in 5 Easy Steps - Guaranteed!
Dear Professional, Manager, or Business Owner
Have you been told you are 'not strategic' or 'too operational'?  Are you concerned that opportunities in your career or business are going to others?  Are you worried that your strategy for your business or division is not on track?
You either suspect or know for sure that you are not a strategic thinker, or at least others think you are not.  But you can see what needs to happen in your organisation and you have heaps of specialist skill and knowledge.  Somehow that doesn't seem to be enough these days.
Do you feel as though getting the opportunities you deserve in your career or business seems to be down to luck or selling out your values and honesty?
I can help!
I promise you that I can help you become a strategic thinker.  But before I do, let me tell you a bit about myself.  I spent a number of years in my early career wondering how other people couldn't see the linkages I could see between issues in the workplace.  I used to think that I struck unlucky with bosses and colleagues.  And then I had the good fortune to undergo a workplace assessment that showed me that I was a strategic thinker.  And I found out that I thought in a different way to about 80% of other people!  Imagine my relief that this was a strength I had and I wasn't unlucky after all.
After that, I made sure I was working in strategic roles so that I could make the most of this strength I had.  I worked on strategic planning and implementation and strategic projects.  I understood the importance of proper implementation too.  But then one day, I was asked to teach some other people how to think strategically.  One of the challenges of trying to teach others something that comes naturally to you, is that often you don't know the significance of what you know!  So I had to sit down and analyse how I thought strategically, and how others behaved who were deemed 'strategic' and how that compared to those who were not.  As a result I developed the only systematic process I have been able to find to teach people to think strategically.
So let me ask you, would it benefit you to be recognised as a Strategic Thinker? Would you like to be confident to participate in group discussions and give feedback to internal and external clients knowing you are saying the 'right' things to be strategic?  Would you like to know you have a strategic plan that is progressing you to your vision, and being implemented properly?
The reality is most other resources about strategic thinking are really about strategic planning.  Strategic planning is really important for organisations, but before you can be involved in planning, or in implementing plans, you need to be able to THINK strategically.  It's also vital for many professionals, managers and others to be seen as strategic thinkers if they are to be offered further career opportunities.
So how much will this cost?
I offer a range of solutions to these problems - and some of them are not expensive.  Consider the paltry cost of an e-book setting out my proprietary system for strategic thinking against the pay rise you can achieve through promotion, or the income you can achieve by obtaining new clients.  There are e-products you can download right now from my products page.  If you want to be a strategic thinker, or need to be recognised by others as strategic, check out the products page now.
I also offer:
·                     Advice about strategy and strategy implementation
·                     Facilitation of planning sessions
·                     Workshops to teach you and your team how to be more strategic
·                     One-on-one coaching or training
·                     Speaking engagements
And to make sure that you stay in control, it works like this:
·                     Your initial contact and conversation with me is no-charge, and once we've talked, if appropriate I give you a quote for the programme - you decide whether or not to go ahead after the quote.  All my coaching and training is easy-to-follow and takes a maximum of 5 steps for you to be thinking strategically!
Furthermore, I absolutely guarantee my products and services.  If you are not happy that I have delivered value for money, there's no charge or a full refund if you have already paid.
So there's absolutely no risk to you - the risk is all mine!  And so it should be.
I really look forward to helping you to with your strategic issues and to be a strategic thinker.
PS: What difference will it make to your life if you are recognised as a strategic thinker?  How many more project opportunities and promotions might you be offered if others realise you are strategic?  How much more income can you generate with effective strategic thniking that gets you to your career or business goals?  Make sure you get in touch with me today or check out the products page.


How to be seen as a strategic thinker

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