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Here's how to access special e-guides and on-going useful information -

We offer two complimentary e-guides to new subscribers. Both these e-guides will help you personally, and your business.

'Find New Clients with Less Effort and get better value from your marketing budget' is based on an industry survey and addresses the concerns of respondents, and explains how some respondents were getting much better results from their marketing spend in ways you can easily implement in your own firm. The 'How to Think Strategically' guide draws on our extensive experience working with a range of clients and gives you tips and hints you can use immediately. If you are recognised by your boss, employees and clients as a strategic thinker, not only will career and business opportunities open up to you, but others will follow your lead and your team's results will be better than you thought possible. Our clients find these useful and informative.

Get your e-guides now. Fill out just your first name or initials and your primary e-mail address below. (Please note - your details are safe. I hate spam too. I do not give, sell, lease or otherwise disclose your e-mail to anyone else).

Join my many subscribers around the globe for regular updates to help you hone your strategic thinking skills to spot opportunities and risks ahead of the competition!

Please note - your details are safe. I do not give, sell, lease or otherwise disclose your details to anyone else.

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